DIY Fruit Leather


My latest fun project in the dehydrator is fruit leather. It is SO easy! And delicious! I took some on a hike the other day, and they are portable (something I struggle to find often in real food snacks) as well as being something the kids will actually eat and enjoy.

The possibilities for fruit combinations are endless. I have done a banana/apple, a strawberry/banana/orange, and a blueberry/banana. Keep in mind they might have different consistencies depending on how the fruits are so some will look prettier in the end than others. Some will also take way longer to dry. In my experience, go easy on the banana involved as it will take a really long time to dry if you have too much in there. I think my best mix has been one banana with strawberries and an orange.

This is the dehydrator I use, and so far I love it! I use the fruit rolls trays (they included two with mine). Whatever fruits I am combining go in the blender to be pureed. I didn’t measure for any of them (I know, shocker!) but the only variable will be that the thicker the fruit leather is, the longer it will take to dry. I would guess it was 2-3 cups of puree for those who are having anxiety thinking about not measuring.

Please don’t forget this step! Spray the fruit leather trays with some kind of oil or nonstick spray. I use my little Misto oil sprayer with olive oil. I forgot this once and I had to soak the trays overnight to try to get the fruit rolls off and had to throw the whole batch away.

Pour the puree into the fruit roll trays on top of the regular dehydrator trays, and turn it on to about 135 degrees. I let them go for about 4 hours and check to see if they are dry on top. If they are, I cut them into sections like a big pie piece and flip them over to allow the other side to dry more quickly. This takes anywhere from another 2 hours to another 10. I did a blueberry/banana combo the other day which I made too thick and put in three bananas and the thing still wasn’t really dry after 14 hours. I won’t do that again! The banana/apple one I made was too thin, I think, so it didn’t really roll as it had separated in the middle as it dried. I just pulled off the pieces, though, and they are so yummy!

You can roll these up into little fruit rolls or leave them flat. I keep them in the fridge until we want to take them somewhere—this helps them last a little longer. It is hard to make them last, though, as everyone eats them rather quickly around here!



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