Real Food Snacks: Trail Mix Snack Bags


One of my new favorite ways to make snack bags for my kids is make-your-own trail mix. I do realize this is an old trick, but it’s made me very happy recently as I can use up all sorts of random things from the pantry and still make my kids a nutritious and yummy snack.

Today, I pulled out a few things I thought would be fun together and made a mix of pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, raisins and sunflower seeds. It was a hit! The sky is the limit on prepping these bags. If you can do nuts (we can’t do nuts in the kids’ classroom so I didn’t add any here) you can throw in cashews or almonds. You can also do coconut flakes, dried apple pieces, or chocolate chips (especially if you are going to the movies—a tiny bit of candy of some kind makes it super special).


I prep these as my own snack bags in little Ziplocs that go in my snack box. That’s a box that lives in the pantry and contains things that the kids can pick from for snack. I often make or buy things in bulk and divvy them up into the little snack bags for grab-and-go snacks for the whole week.

Other things that work well like this are popcorn, crackers, raisins, and pretzels. It’s so much cheaper to buy a bigger bag and divide it up yourself. And if I make the kids popcorn, there is always a bunch leftover that I can throw into snack bags for the next few days. Easy, cheap and delicious!




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